Rental Application

Application Disclosure


All applicants are held to the same Rental Selection Criteria as outlined below. If an applicant has Extenuating Circumstances and therefore does not meet the Rental Selection Criteria, they must complete the form provided on the application for additional consideration. In this situation, an applicant will be denied by the company Gideon Property Services. However, the individual owner of that particular property will have the opportunity to review the applicant’s Extenuating Circumstances and make an alternate decision.


All application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE! Please contact our office if you have reservations about approval. We will be happy to walk you through the requirements and discuss any Extenuating Circumstances. If you apply for a property and you are not selected for that property, you will be automatically enrolled in our Renter Relocation S.M.A.R.T. Search Services.

  • $75.00  per Applicant; for any person over the age of 18 residing in the household
  • $50.00 for each required Guarantor
  • $75.00 Leasing & Administrative Flat Fee; Required for approval, lease processing and move-in orientation

Processing Time Frame: 2-3 Business Days


  1. Household Income
    1. 12 months of consecutive employment history
    2. Minimum income of 3x monthly rental rate
    3. Positive employment reference from the applicant’s direct manager or supervisor
  2. Rental History
    1. 2 years of positive rental history
    2. No outstanding debt to the current or previous landlord(s)
    3. Positive rental reference from the previous landlord
  3. Credit and Background Check
    1. No past due debt (excluding medical and student loans)
    2. No slow payments, evictions, bankruptcy, etc. within 5 years
    3. No felony convictions in the past 7 years.
    4. No charges related to drugs, sexual assault, murder or arson



  • Completed Application 
  • Pay Application Fee: $75.00 per adult
  • Pay Guarantor Fee: $50.00 per guarantor – If applicable
  • Proof of Identity: Copy of Photo ID
  • Proof of Income: 4 most recent paystubs, offer letter, 2 years of tax returns, or IRS 1099 forms
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Must submit a letter describing any unusual circumstances [SAMPLE / CLICK HERE to complete form]



  • Approved Applicants: 72-hours to pay the lease administrative fee, sign the lease, provide lease initiation funds, and secure the property
  • Lease Administrative Fee: $75.00 Flat Fee
  • Lease Initiation Funds: 1st Month’s Rent, Security Deposit, Pet Deposits
  • Advanced Rents: If applicable – Due on the day of move-in
  • Proof of Utilities: Must provide utility confirmation with the start date consistent with the lease agreement
  • Proof of Renter’s Insurance: Must provide confirmation with the Gideon Property Services or your Landlord (if leasing through a Private Owner) listed as a party of interest



  • Gideon Property Services will process multiple applications for each property.
  • The property landlord will view each application on a “first complete, first to see” basis
  • ALL application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If an applicant has reservations regarding their application, speak with your leasing representative prior to applying and/or complete the Extenuating Circumstances Form.
  • Applications will take 2 – 3 business days to process. Please note that waiting for verification from previous/current landlords and employers create 85% of application delays. It is good practice for each applicant to reach out to landlords and employers, so they are expecting our call/email. [Landlord Verification Form / Employer Verification Form]
  • If an applicant was not selected for a property that received multiple applications and they meet all other selection criteria; their application may be transferred to another Gideon Property Services property for up to 30 days after the initial denial notice.
  • If an applicant is approved “with conditions” the applicant must agree to the conditions in writing and said conditions supersede any conflicting statements within this document.
  • When an applicant is approved, the property is temporarily removed from the showing schedule and no additional applications are accepted for 72 hours.
  • If the application is approved and the applicant does not (1) sign the lease and (2) pay the lease initiation funds to secure the property, the property will be opened back up to the public for showings and additional applications unless an extension is approved by the property landlord in writing.
  • The First Month’s Rent, Security Deposit, and Pet Deposits must be paid in verified funds (cashier’s check or money order). The First Month’s Rent is equal to one full month’s rent. For any new resident moving in on a day other than the first day of the month, their second month will reflect the prorated rent amount.
  • Each applicant’s lease start date must be no later than 2 weeks from the advertised availability date unless approved by the property landlord in writing.
  • If the applicant decides not to move forward with the property within 10 days after they have signed the lease and paid the lease initiation funds (prior to possession of the property), they forfeit the first month’s rent. Any security deposit and pet deposits will be returned.



  • Service Animals are not considered pets and are not subject to pet deposits and fees.
  • ALL service animals require the appropriate documentation on file.
  • Any property that allows pets may be subject to pet deposits and/or pet rent. Please verify using the advertisement or contact the leasing agent prior to applying for the property of interest.
  • ALL pets must be approved by the property landlord for any property that allows pets.
  • The applicant’s previous landlord must provide verification for the pet regarding damages and behavior while living on their premises.
  • Pets with a history of aggressive or damaging behavior WILL NOT be approved.
  • The following aggressive breeds WILL NOT be approved unless approved by the property landlord in writing:
    •  German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Presa Canarios, Staffordshire Terriers, Chows, Rottweilers or any mixed breed that are part of the foregoing breeds. No non-domesticated animals.
  • ALL service animals and approved pets must be registered for the property with the requested information and accompanied by a photo.
  • Any unregistered service animal or unapproved pet found on the premises is a violation of the lease agreement and may result in a 7-Day Notice to Cure.



  • Gideon Property Services will complete a photo documented Move-In Condition Report for each property approximately 72 hours before the scheduled move-in date. The new resident will be informed in writing of the scheduled date and time. The new resident may meet the leasing representative at the property on the scheduled date to complete a 15-minute walk-through of the property, but it is not required.
  • The new resident will retrieve the front door key from the emergency maintenance lockbox at the property on move-in day. The move-in packet will be on the kitchen counter for review.
  • The new resident WILL NOT be provided access to the property before the move-in date. If the new resident has a change in scheduling that results in an earlier move-in date, they must inform the office and update the lease agreement accordingly.
  • No later than 7 days after move-in the new resident must confirm they have received the move-in packet and completed move-in orientation.
  • No later than 7 days after move-in the new resident must confirm that they have used all appliances at the property and that they are in good working order. The signed form will be uploaded to the resident portal.
  • RESIDENT MOVE-IN CONDITION REPORT (to be completed within 7 days of move-in)